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Fluid-Screen is a flexible technology platform that has applications in a wide range of industries.


For critical supply chains, catching an emerging bacterial threat in 30 minutes can mean the difference between successful product shipment and an expensive recall.  Fluid-Screen identifies the problem at the source: before it leaves the plant or before the patient leaves the doctor’s office.  A full day’s head start on a contamination incident can save a whole lot more than just a few dollars; it can save trust in your brand.  So, while Fluid-Screen has the potential to revolutionize QA testing across a variety of applications, the universal benefit across every market is speed.

Most testing protocols today involve growing lab cultures and take 24 to 48 hours to produce a result.  That process looks like this:

In contrast, Fluid-Screen compresses that time line from days to minutes, with even higher accuracy, sensitivity and specificity.


Bacterial water testing is a large and growing market. Every year, 47 million people in the U.S. fall victim to food or water-borne infection, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This is despite broad compliance with government regulations requiring businesses that use water in their products and production to test for bacterial contamination. The EPA, the FDA and the Department of Agriculture set the testing requirements and standards.


Fluid-Screen technology can also be adapted to detect bacteria in infected blood or other bodily fluids. Medical providers rely on laboratory test results for diagnostics in about 70% of cases. The American Clinical Laboratory Association estimates that 322,000 labs perform more than 7 billions tests annually - and a good portion of that total is for bacterial testing. Our goal is to provide doctor's with life saving information in close to real time, at the same time creating a significant new and potentially disruptive business opportunity in this arena.


Doctors currently use non-specific dip tests to diagnose bacterial urinary tract infections. However, these have a 30% false negative rate. For more accurate results and to identify and prescribe effective antibiotics, doctors order bacterial culture tests from clinical labs (see Clinical Testing above). Given the long testing period, doctors often prescribe a broad-spectrum anti-biotic as a stop-gap until they can get accurate information. Fluid-Screen has the potential to solve this medical conundrum and to ease pain and suffering in infected patients.

With a 30 minute test, and a clear reading on the specific bacteria involved, doctors will have the ability to start a more effective, targeted regimen before the patient even leaves their office.  Similarly, hospitals will be able to more quickly and effectively treat a wide variety of conditions, including mystery infections, chemotherapy recovery, complications from surgery or dialysis, etc.


Sterile water is crucial to many manufacturing and processing industries, including but not limited to food and drugs.  Fluid-Screen provides fast and accurate information along all stages of the product cycle to pinpoint contamination events.  Shut-downs will target the right areas, contain contamination before it spreads, and be resolved quickly.