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Listening to Your Gut

The microbes that live in your body comprise half of your cells. Collectively called the microbiome, these microbes have many roles, both helpful and harmful. Some cause disease. However, others synthesize vitamins, regulate metabolism, and outcompete (or even kill) harmful microbes. Microbiome issues are linked to obesity, cancer, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, heart disease, and autism, among other things. As such, the microbiome is under intense scientific investigation. Leveraging the power of the microbiome may have the potential to change medicine.

Many challenges face microbiome research. The medical studies on microbiome effects have been correlational, not causal. It is difficult to differentiate between live and dead cells, as well as spores and vegetative cells. Samples can contain large amounts of non-microbial biomatter, which interferes with sequencing. To harness the power of the microbiome in health and research, standard methods of overcoming all these challenges are needed.

Fluid-Screen’s technology offers solutions to all these problems. We use an electrical device to capture bacteria, allowing for 30-minute tests with >99% accuracy. To learn more about what our technology can do for you, please contact us.