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Detecting Contamination

Recent incidents in Massachusetts are used to highlight the need for automated quality assurance processes. In an Allston facility, viral contamination halted production of drugs for rare diseases. The FDA issued sanctions in the amount of $175 million and patient trust deteriorated.

In a pharmaceutical compounding facility near Framingham, 76 people died due to meningitis contamination. Hundreds more became ill. The cause: microbial contamination in steroidal injections. As punishment, the CEO was sentenced to nine years in prison. More importantly, the trauma endured by the community can never be erased.

Without dependable quality assurance practices, pharmaceutical drugs cause harm not only to consumers, but also to the companies that manufacture them.

Fluid-Screen’s technology detects contamination in drug manufacturing at various points in the product chain. Fast, accurate identification of microbial contaminants in fluid samples are produced within 30 minutes.

We are disrupting broken quality assurance procedures and making industry automation a standard. If your company could benefit from detecting contamination quickly and with >99% accuracy, contact us.