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"Fluid-Screen technology presents a platform for efficient and broad-range bacterial capture and concentration with applications in diverse industries where bacterial contamination poses a threat." -Sensors & Transducers

“The test not only generates results in short order, it also offers handheld convenience and a high degree of accuracy. By making such a test available, Fluid-Screen hopes to shake up the bacterial testing industry.” -Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News

“A project that began in a Yale classroom has since grown into a thriving and ambitious startup that promises to revolutionize the nanotechnology industry and change how we test potentially contaminated water.” -Yale Scientific

“Our technology takes 30 minutes and can be done onsite.” -ITECS Blog

“Weber is the founder of Yale University-startup called Fluid-Screen, which has developed the world’s first portable biosensor capable of detecting bacteria in water and blood, quickly and cheaply.” -Hartford Courant

“Fluid-Screen is a startup venture... [making] the world a safer place by enabling rapid bacterial detection from fluid samples.” -Boston Business Journal

“Fluid-Screen seeks to distribute biotechnology that can detect bacteria in liquids within a period of 30 minutes” -Yale Daily News

“Fluid-Screen (...) brings the functionality of a lab to a small portable device that fits in the palm of your hand” -Comsol News