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Singling Out Pathogens

In 2012, an estimated 1.9 billion people throughout the world used a fecal-contaminated water source, and inadequate water supply and poor sanitation resulted in nearly 800,000 diarrhoeal deaths.  Bacteria such as toxigenic E. coli, some Enterococcus species, Vibrio cholera, and Shigella species pose a disease risk in many parts of the world.  Many of the recommended and/or regulated routine pathogen tests for drinking and recreational water target fecal indicator organisms or reference pathogens rather than specific disease-causing species or groups to estimate the potential risk to human health of the water or to establish water treatment performance targets.  

Protection of water bodies and the prevention of waterborne diseases comprise areas of national and international efforts, including the UN Millenium Development goals, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Partnership for Safe Water, and the CDC Waterborne Disease Prevention Branch.  Pathogenic microorganisms from fecal contamination and other sources in drinking and recreational waters, particularly surface water and unprotected groundwater, endanger public health through disease transmission.

Fluid-Screen presents a portable device for 30 minute pathogen detection that uses dielectrophoresis (DEP) to capture bacteria.  The device can be designed to target specific species of concern, fecal indicators, or overall bacterial load with a >99% accuracy rate. For more information, contact us.